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Superior design and build services, using quality materials and expert craftsmanship for a long-lasting and beautiful job every time. Call today for your new deck or porch design!

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    Deck & Porch Contractor Services


    Deck and porch design by our expert team. We have years of experience in designing and  building dream decks and porches for our clients.


    Licensed deck builders ready to install your new deck efficiently and with highest possible quality. 


    We specialize in replacements or upgrades for all types of decks or porches. Upgrade from pt wood to composite, or expand your deck.

    Deck Builder Portsmouth NH

    By hiring us, you'll have access to a full-service construction company that specializes in handling deck and porch building. We'll guide you through the process, selecting the best design and materials to achieve your goals.

    We craft beautiful wood decks and make composite decking materials available to our customers as well. When you book a consultation, you'll sit down with a superb deck builder who will help you survey your land and make plans, including the best possible materials and design. 

    We deliver custom decks, including rail-less or floating decks, and more. All of our services are managed through 1st Impression Renovations, a fully licensed and insured contracting service, providing deck construction and design that makes a statement and can't be beaten. ​

    Schedule a meeting with the best deck builders in New Hampshire by completing our online contact form or call us directly.

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    Areas We Service:

     Our company is based in Southern NH and we service the Eastern Coast of NH, Northern MA and southern Maine. We provide quality porch and deck builders services in Portsmouth, New Castle, Kittery ME, Rye, Acorn Acres, Greenland, Hampton, North Hampton, Hampton Falls, Seabrook, Kensington, Newington, Dover, Durham, Newfields, Stratham, Exeter, Epping, New Market, Raymond, Brentwood and more.



    "I've always wanted to have a farmers porch and now my dreams came true. These Deck Builders gave me the most amazing porch! They were very thorough and the quality is great. The porch blends seamlessly with the house."

    ​Michelle M.

    "We love our house but the only thing that was missing was the deck. Our carpenters designed and built our composite deck. Great service and quality of work. Will recommend them to everyone."

    Peter L.

    "The house we bought had an old deck, some boards were damaged from the weather and railing was almost falling off. They replaced all our decking and I decided to upgrade the railing as well. So glad I did, it looks amazing."

    Sam N.


    Our Seacoast Deck Builder service company is your local deck construction company. We service the Eastern New Hampshire coast with unmatched craftsmanship, and customer service. As the friendly deck contractor we do our best in helping people improve their properties, we aim to deliver the best in every way. We start every service with a free quote and then follow through until you're happily lounging on your new porch addition or deck. ​

    Our many years of experience and dedication to quality make us the most qualified porch additions, deck building, composite deck installation, deck repair, and much more. Our goal is to ensure that every homeowner has the opportunity to fully enjoy their property and to do that, we want to help you make it as beautiful and functional as possible. Call our Deck Builders for the best deck contractors in Eastern New Hampshire. 

    Porch Builder Services North Hampton NH

    Have you dreamed of that iconic two or three-story porch style that you see all along the New Hampshire coast? Speaking with a professional porch builder is the first step toward achieving that look with your own shore-front home. With a porch contractor, you can create a safe-haven for your family. 

    Enjoy an early morning coffee lounging and watching the sun rise or enjoy a BBQ with the family gathered around a common table and enjoying a conversation. Porches bring people together, get them outdoors, and still offer protection from the sun. 

    We offer custom design work, and specialty materials to deliver exactly what our clients want and expect. Top-notch construction and superb design plus installation for the best results. 

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    Our expert carpentry crew offers porch building done right. Call our offices or complete our contact form to start arranging for the luxury porch of your dreams. Covered farmer's porches, wraparound porches, porch additions, entryway porches, screened in porches and more. Get a free quote today by giving us a call! 

    Deck Installation And Replacements

    Any New Hampshire deck contractor will explain that deck building is a complex process that involves disrupting your yard, installing the deck, and then ensuring that everything is back in place. Deck installation is not simple. However, with us, it's a labor of love. We enjoy helping people take their property from empty to inviting. 

    Before deck installation, you'll need to carefully go through all the materials available. As we specialize in deck building and replacements, our available materials can vary widely. However, given your needs and your home, it can be easy to narrow down the options between three or four choices. That way, we ensure that your deck suits your needs, as well as your home's design and visual appeal. 

    In recent years, it's become more common to work with a composite deck builder. We predominantly use composite materials, and each member of our team is a skilled composite deck builder. Composite materials make it possible to achieve a classic and sophisticated deck, without the struggle of refinishing and keeping the maintenance up from one season to the next. Composite materials are extremely durable and resistant to mold, fading, scratches, and stains. There's virtually no maintenance and no visual sign of material depreciation over time. ​

    To arrange for your new deck installation, call our Seacoast Deck Builders.

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    Porch Additions Rye NH

    A porch is an excellent place to gather as a family. Many houses built along the eastern coast, especially along New Hampshire shoreline, were built without porches. However, across the nation, porches have become very popular. There are the iconic farmers porch additions that you see throughout New England and the South. Then there are the more functional poured-cement patio style porches as well. 

    Hiring a porch contractor could be your opportunity to expand the living space of your home without going to the extent of costly renovations. A porch is an outdoor living space that can be enclosed or entirely open. There's a lot of freedom when it comes to the design of porch additions. One of the most popular options that we see in the Seacoast area is the Farmer's porch addition. ​Create a stunning and homey feel, with the curb appeal that brings a lot of added value by adding a farmers' porch. 

    Call our New Hampshire Seacoast Deck Builders to reach out and start discussing your possibilities with a professional porch builder.

    Our Process

    Deck installation is an extensive process. Of course, we always start by ensuring that we're working in the right area. That might include collaborating with the city or County for permits. Then when we break land, we'll focus on leveling the area, setting posts, and pouring cement. That is the foundation and will help it hold up through storms and other elements through the years.  

    One of the most important steps of this first process is to set the anchors for the posts and ensuring that each post has not only the needed support but the ability to withstand extensive force. That way, it can put up with years or even decades of wear and tear. We always ensure that our anchors and concrete have the proper time to set before continuing with the project.

    As a final step to creating the foundation, we install deck boards as framing beams. These beams will sit atop of the post anchors with structural screws and will help solidify the design that you've chosen. After the foundation is set, we can move forward by attaching rim joists and angle brackets. Moving forward with projects after setting the foundation depends entirely on the design, as we set the inner joists' and attach them to the beam faces. 

    After the inner joists are in place, we can install boards or composite material and put fasteners into place to ensure the sturdiness of the structure. Everything after this step is purely about design and visual appeal. We’ll trim boards, work with the materials, and ensure that all surfaces are level. As we create custom decks, our processes do vary slightly. It is possible that your custom deck or porch will call for us to adjust this process, but before that happens, we'll talk about those process changes with you.​

    Our Construction Team helps homeowners all throughout the New Hampshire coast. Call our offices now or reach out through our contact form.