Deck Upgrade and Replacement Services

Before the late 1990s, the only materials available for decking were different types of pressure-treated wood. Pressure-treated wood isn't a bad material. It just offers different advantages and disadvantages based on the different types of wood and the quality of the manufacturer.​

We recommend composite materials for most of our clients. You get the look and feel would with the durability of technologically advanced material.

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    Deck Replacement Services Hampton NH

    A Deck contractor should take into account all of your design requests. The only thing that may occasionally interfere with a custom deck plan is the layout of your property. We'll always explain when a replacement with a more custom design isn't reasonable. Then, we'll help compromise and find a custom design to replace your current deck. ​

    The good news is that when you're replacing it, you already have a foundation to work with, and you know where the deck is going to go.

    New Deck Installation Services

    Deck installation can be a long process. At Seacoast Deck Builders, our teams work together for the highest degree of quality and efficiency. Our system of teamwork and high standards for craftsmanship is the reason why we're one of the top builders in New Hampshire.

    With our team of builders, you don't have to worry about finding the right local deck construction company. Our deck builders, porch contractors, and outstanding craftsmen deliver work that speaks for itself. 

    A new deck or porch could be the perfect finish to your lush yard. Enjoy more of your time outside on a luxurious deck or porch.

    Deck Repairs, and Deck Upgrade Services

    Decks can take on quite a bit of damage over the years. There was a prior trend in deck building where many were choosing softwoods such as fir, spruce, and pine. Although softwood specifically tends to scratch and stain. 

    Deck repairs from scratches and stains aren't the only thing to worry about. Over time, wood can rot, the deck can take on mold and pest infestation, and the joists can give out. What often happens is that new homeowners learn that they bought a house with a deck but that the deck itself isn't functional or safe to use

    Older materials used in decking tend to require a lot of maintenance year-round. If you're interested in repairing your deck, you might consider the replacement of the materials with newer alternatives.​

    Contact Seacoast Deck Builders for guidance on design and materials as well as repairs, upgrades, and new deck installation.