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Porches are the way to spending more time outside without committing to hours under the hot sun. They're also a great way to expand the living space on your property. A porch could be everything from a simple covered patio to essentially an outdoor living room.​

There's also no limit to design possibilities. You can work with our porch building professionals to design the porch that best fits your home and your needs.

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    Porch Builder Seacoast NH

    Hiring a porch builder should be as easy as making a phone call and saying that you want a custom porch. Unfortunately, not all porch builders can offer the same materials or design skills.​

    Always arrange for a consultation so you can discuss design options and available materials with the porch builder before committing to their services.

    Porch Addition Construction Services

    Porch addition options are great for homes that were built without a porch. Throughout New Hampshire there's extensive historical homes, or houses built before the 1960s when porches became popular. However, for many New Hampshire homeowners, it means that if you want a porch, you need to schedule putting in an addition.​

    Construction on a porch addition is minimally invasive to your property. We’ll lay a foundation based on the design plans and follow through until completion with minor disruption to your yard.

    Farmers Porch Construction Rye NH

    We service Rye NH, as well as North Hampton and Hampton for Farmers porch construction services. From design to build, our porch installation services are top notch. A Farmer's porch addition Is one of our most commonly requested additions. A farmer's porch is traditionally the length porch addition extends across multiple stories. What's appealing with the Farmer's porch, or when you're adding in porch is on multiple stories, is that you're adding living space along the common area across the first floor and across the bedroom areas on the second floor.​

    For building a new porch, recreating an old porch, or scheduling a porch addition to your home, call Seacoast Deck Builders. With our quick contact form, you can give us some basic information, and we can contact you and a time that fits your schedule. We'll quickly arrange for a consultation so you can speak with a professional porch builder. Contact Seacoast Deck Builders today.